The exclusive manufacturer's representative for Exlar and Lenze products in Michigan

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About Us

Lateral Solutions has been engineering unique application solutions in the machining, welding, automated assembly, process, military and packaging industries for more than 15 years.  While specializing in motion control applications ranging from simple AC frequency inverters to full blown multi-axis  servo systems, we also provide solutions for power transmission and specialized control system applications.
Being unique in offering only two product lines (Exlar and Lenze), we are able to provide in-depth knowledge of the product.  Lateral Solutions prides itself on being experts with the products we represent. 

Lenze provides a full solution for the electronic and mechanical drive system.  In the mechanical offering we have our high efficiency gearboxes, integrated AC and DC gearmotor, servo motors, brakes and clutches.  The electronic offering ranges from our AC Technology groups cost leading inverters to the Lenze very high performance AC drive offering.  Both groups have both Servo and Frequency inverter offerings.  Additionally, the Lenze electronics offer the PLC built into the drive.  Applications you have always wished for a way to modify the drives behavior or do "just a little more control" are now available to you with the built in PLC.  If you don't need these features, then the PLC does not need to be addressed.

Exlar provides both linear and rotary actuators for industry.  The linear actuators are based on ROLLER SCREW technology, allowing the combination  of high service life, high load capacity and competitive pricing.  Three features not normally found together.  The rotary products offer the most thermally robust motor in the business along with unmatched torque densities.  Exlar actuators are available in IP54, IP65 and Explosion Proof (Class 1, Division 1, Groups B, C and D) configurations.  They are also offered in standard powder coat, food grade paint, stainless steel and custom coatings.  All this while being compatible with almost any servo drive commercially available.

Lateral Solutions also offers custom Windows based programming as well as custom control system design.  If you are interested in either our programming or design services, please contact us via email.  We hope you visit our "Products" section for more information on the Exlar and Lenze products.

As the manufacturer's representative we provide application and engineering expertise to help solve your manufacturing issues.





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